To make big wonderful leaps of success on your athletic journey it is important to continually emotionally clean house. Releasing the limiting beliefs you have of yourself as an athlete is REALLY important in order to help you move forward with lightness and the energy of extraordinary possibility. All of us tend to carry around stale views and beliefs of what we feel is possible and not possible. This get's in the way of you moving forward and allowing your body and mind to create the extraordinary.

I have given you a series of 3 very effective meditations (all under 10 minutes) to help you release the past limiting beliefs of yourself so that you don't carry them into your future of training and racing. These mini-meditation exercises are specifically created for you as an athlete to release those old stale views of yourself and move forward in large leaps of success.

Hi, I’m Coach Kirsten Lewis, triathlon and endurance sports mental game expert.

I work with athletes in creating the New Possible. I believe that we, as humans, have not yet experienced what is truly possible in life and in our sport. We are all capable of extraordinary things, and my goal is to give you the mental game tools, classes, resources, guidance and space for you to experience the extraordinary — and create your own New Possible.

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